Water is an ongoing body of work that explores the ocean near my family’s vacation home on the Treasure Coast of Southern Florida.

Lushly contemplative, these images reveal not only the earthly wonders of water, but also transport the viewer into a mysterious space of emotionally charged color planes, sublime movement and an intimate viewpoint.

Ocean morphs into a spiritual being that rises and falls, both acting as a guide, bringing the viewer, as witness, to an awareness of a physical and temporal presence.

Water investigates the following themes:

  • Water as a living presence in a constant state of flux
  • Intimate and solitary viewpoints
  • The sense of a moment in time alluding to the mysterious happenings of nature
  • Creation and juxtaposition of spaces both vast and intimate, allowing an emotionally participatory experience for the viewer
  • Meditation on the wonderment of Nature as seen through one of the primary elements of our existence –water.